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What is CFD ?

What is CFD ?

CFD or Contracts For Differences, is the agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening value and the closing value of shares contracted. They have been in operation for traders for close to twenty years, it is only in the past few years they have become widely available for individual investors. It allows investors access to trade in thousands of global shares, commodities and currencies on Forex. Returns on CFD trades are generally higher due to low commissions compare to regular contracts. With our assistance and our advanced platform CFD trading is a simplistic and convenient entry to the market with added security

How CFD Works ?

CFD trading operates on a basis of margin trading, which regularly associates the process with the Forex currency trading system. The investor never becomes the physical owner of the shares, commodities or currencies. By this a trader can purchase shares, commodities or currencies on a CFD, without having the total required amount. The instrument purchased is never transported to the investor. CFD trading gives an investor greater flexibility as well as being a means for saving money. It is an effective and convenient method of speculate trading in shares, commodities or equity indexes

CFD Benefits

There are many advantages to earn in trade CFDs, which would explain the growing popularity of these contracts. For many investors, particularly individual traders, CFD is an ideal introduction to online brokers. They can offer short term trading contracts giving greater flexibility; the opportunity of purchasing trading instruments. As CFD trading operates with margin requirements, only 0.5 -1 percent of the entire sale is needed as a deposit. This frees investors' revenue when it is most needed and can be tailored to suit individual necessities. CFD trading gives traders the benefit of receiving the same quote prices as stock market brokers. CFDs enable investors to leverage an investment up to 200 times under normal conditions. For risk-taking investors, the ability to leverage the investment is a principal benefit of the product. The higher the level of gearing, the higher the risk of loss or gain, this requires investors to be able to differentiate the risk between traditional stock trading and CFD investing.

Our clients reap all the benefits of trading with CFDs. Transactions within the CFD arena are completed swiftly and without delay, contracts begin operation from the moment they have been ordered. Shareholders often utilize CFD when shares are falling but they do not wish to sell, this compensates for any losses experienced. This practice is referred to as hedging'. The CFD market is completely electronic; it requires no paper administration such as stock certificates or transfer forms. Unlike many international stock markets that still require a paper trail for the investor to account for any holding of stocks on a stock exchange, trading CFDs is efficient and rapid. This is an effective method of utilizing capital, as funds can be invested in a variety of interests

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